Finding Help

Equip Divining Rod (Freelancer) to determine the number of hidden items.

Upon arrival in this studious town, your first task is to locate the dormitory and find somebody to treat Kamiizumi’s wounds. Of course, in typical RPG fashion, you’re free to wander around town while the swordmaster suffers in limbo.

From the entrance, poke around the bench just on your left to discover a hidden Ether . Next, head north-west towards the entrance of the west-most and very large building. Before going inside, hug the corner on the left for a Phoenix Down .

Inside the dormitory, help can be found from the counter just ahead. But seeing as the swordmaster isn’t complaining right now, go towards the corner behind the counter and to the right to discover some Echo Herbs . Next, take the staircase to the left of the counter.

On the second landing, before the next large flight of stairs, head into the room below. Go between the two beds and check out the lamp for a Wakeup Bell –somebody’s alarm perhaps? By now, the swordmaster is probably at his limits, so head back to the counter to ask for help.

In Search of Clues

With Kamiizumi resting soundily, exit the dormitory. Back outside, head around the streets towards the centre of the city. Just before crossing the bridge, the group will bump into a five-star student bullying one of Yew’s school friends.

Now that the coast is clear, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to visit the Armory, Trader and Magics store to stock up on new equipment and supplies. Also, check the signpost just before the bridge for 200 pg to fund some of your purchases.

After you’ve scoured the town, make for the north-east corner, across the bridge. Here, you’ll find the entrance to Al-Khampis’s famous school and the place where Rifa ran off to in a hurry. Inside, continue north-east, while following the right-hand railing.

At the first viewing spot, search around to find a Hi-Potion . Carry on and when you reach the stairs, go east and you should notice Rifa sulking in front of the big door. Upon meeting Yew again, Rifa’s spirits are lifted and she convinces the party to visit the Ba’al Crater that she’s researching.

By the way, if you have Divining Rod equipped, you’ll find that there’s still one more chest in this area. Don’t bother combing the place for the remaining chest because you won’t find it until later on in this chapter.

An Intellectual Detour

Exit the school and cross back over the bridge. Just before reaching the other side, the party will stop to discuss the town where Yew studied. While Yew, Tiz and Edea are distracted, Magnolia is approached by a figure most disturbing… shiver .

Be careful: it’s easy to lose track of time while chompcrafting.

For the Chomp : New to Bravely Second, when you’ve got nothing better to do, you can play around with Chompcraft by pressing Right on the D-pad or touching the left-most icon on the bottom screen and selecting the plush chomper icon.

In this quaint mini-game, your characters will automatically produce plush chomper toys that you can sell for cp. But if you want to rake in cp, you’ll need to provide some input yourself. Once you’ve earned some cp, tap the bottom-left icon and then the shopping cart to buy new tools.

Tools can be used by tapping the four icons along the top of the bottom screen; tools increase the performance of your workers for a limited time at the cost of pg. Finally, when the snack counter in the bottom-right corner is full, tap it to temporarily up your performance.

After that eyebrow-raising moment, leave Al-Khampis via the exit to the south or the exit to the north, just to the right of the Armory.

Sidequests : As you progress the story, sidequests will appear as blue exclamation marks on the map. By following the sidequest all the way, you’ll be able to obtain one of two job asterisks .

Each sidequest is quite long and always includes a dungeon and boss fight, so be prepared to set aside some time. We recommend tackling each sidequest as it appears, because the sidequest dungeons are generally easier than the equivalent main story dungeons.

Don’t ask how the pig knows Teleport; just be glad for it.

Having triggered the sidequest message, you’re free to tackle the first sidequest, which pits you against the Thief or the Red Mage ; see the next page for full details.

Otherwise to reach the Ba’al Crater, you’ll need to sail all the way back to the seas near Gathelatio. Or you could save a lot of time by befriending the little pig near the south exit of Al-Khampis; this porky pal will allow you to instantly teleport to any town you’ve previously visited!

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